Raffle to Benefit GNOBAC at BREASTMILK the Movie! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (New Orleans Doula, Breastfeeding)

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Here's an opportunity to support a great cause, the Greater New Orleans Breastfeeding Awareness Coalition and their nolamom campaign, win some incredible items and have a good time!

The response to support the New Orleans premier of BREASTMILK has been so amazing that we've decided to spread the wealth and hold a raffle to benefit GNOBAC. We love the work they are doing and are loving this opportunity to support our New Orleans community. So, now you can too!!

Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 and can be purchased in advance or at the film. (see below for details)

To purchase in advance you can send payment via paypal to support@nolanesting.com, please include your contact information in the comments section and select 'gift' in stead of 'services' so that all the funds can go to increasing breastfeeding awareness in New Orleans!

Breastfeeding and the Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(New Orleans Childbirth Classes)

Breastfeeding isn't a single experience. It can be wonderful, stressful, beautiful, trying, tiring, restful and inspiring as well as many other things - in just a day!

I am saddened that another blogger experienced breastfeeding as a 'ball and chain' and that another described a 'super husband' as one who rushes in with formula to save the day. Breastfeeding is something done for the family -For a baby brought into this world who the family is responsible for feeding long after the breastfeeding relationship has ended. I have attended births as a doula, held meetings, enjoyed movies and date nights and more all while exclusively breastfeeding. There's no imprisonment here. Feeding a baby, by breast or otherwise is the job of a family.

Partners, husbands, friends, siblings - Breastfeeding isn't just mom's gig. This is about feeding and nurturing the family, and you all have a role!

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See? No chains.

See? No chains.

Amanda Devereux is co-owner of Nola Nesting, a doula, Birth Boot Camp Instructor and mom of three breastfed babes.


Building Your Breastfeeding Tool Box

This was written for an amazing local shop and resource for all things boobs and baby, ZukaBaby. I wish I could write a blog called 'breastfeeding made simple.' But, it's just not that simple. For some the baby latches on right away and things are smooth sailing from there to child-led weaning. But I think to paint that as the norm for modern breastfeeding is a disservice to all new and expecting moms out there who really want to breastfeed and may be blind-sided by the time and dedication it takes. Too often I hear stories of breastfeeding gone south due to lack of support or just straight up bad advice. Too often I am counseling a new mom about how to keep or increase her supply after some bad advice has caused her to have low supply.

So, this is for you - all you ladies with the gorgeous bellys. I hope it helps. (just click the links below for the full blog)


Amanda Devereux is co-owner of Nola Nesting, a doula, Childbirth Educator, and mom of three breastfed babes.