Our Philosophy

We believe birth is a normal process, and that birth matters.  How you birth your baby, how your baby enters this world matters not just for you, but also your babe.  We believe mothers and babies have a right to evidence based practice.  Sometimes, interventions are needed, and if that should arise we believe that the mother has a right to informed consent.  While we believe that healthy moms birthing healthy babies are capable of natural childbirth, we understand that it may not be the type of birth you choose.  We understand and respect your wishes, and are available to support all loving births.  Because above all, every New Orleans mother deserves a Nola Nesting doula and a peaceful, loving birth experience.


What is a Doula?


A Nola Nesting doula offers you support during your pregnancy and throughout your labor and birth experience.  Your healthcare provider, your family, they are all there to care for you in their own capacity, but may not be continuously available and have other roles to fill.  A doula’s focus is on continuous support throughout labor.  Doulas work closely with partners to give mom the optimal support team she deserves. A doula is there for you, with you on this journey to motherhood by offering you emotional and physical support. Doulas do not offer medical care or make medical decisions.    It is our job to support you as you welcome your newest family member.  We are there to help you have the loving, gentle birth experience you deserve.

We believe every New Orleans family deserves a doula, whatever type of birth you are planning.  Nola Nesting Birth Doula attended births have shorter labors with fewer complications and healthier babies who breastfeed more easily.  However and wherever you plan to birth your baby, you deserve support and love. You deserve a peaceful birth.  

Voted best New Orleans doulas 2017 and 2018

Voted best New Orleans doulas 2017 and 2018


We have a secret in our culture, it’s not that birth is painful, it’s that women are strong.
— Laura Stavoe Harm