Breastfeeding just got easier.

Welcome, Non-Judgmental Support

Breastfeeding is normal, the way we are designed to feed our babies and the way babies are intended to eat. However natural this is, the journey to successful breastfeeding is not always easy. We offer lactation appointments with an IBCLC at home and in our New Orleans office, and a weekly support group.

private, personal support

If you would like to schedule a lactation appointment with an IBCLC lactation consultant in your home or in our New Orleans office, please fill out the form below and we will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible.  We understand that urgency may be needed.

IBCLC Lactation Consultants are available in the Greater New Orleans area, including the North Shore.

beginning at $80/hour

Breastfeeding Classes

Upcoming classes:
Oct 19th 10am
Nov 24th 2pm

The most natural thing in the world is not always the easiest, but it’s certainly easier with support. We will gather for a couple hours, share our infant feeding hopes and plans, and provide you with the information, skills, and resources you need to help you make your hopes come true. Topics covered include prenatal breast changes, establishing first latch, breastfeeding in the first week, breastfeeding positions, supporting breastfeeding at home, establishing a great milk supply, introducing a bottle, storing milk and preparing for returning to work or a little time away, and more!

New Orleans moms club

Open to all moms. 

Join us for mom to mom support with a birth doula and/or IBCLC breastfeeding consultant in attendance. 

When: Wednesdays 10:30am

Where: 3915 Baronne St.  Suite 3.

Can't make this meeting? Use the form below and we'll help you with your postpartum and breastfeeding goals.