The Heart (Doulas)

All birth doula contracts include two prenatal visits, a breastfeeding course live or online, email and phone support throughout pregnancy, a postpartum visit with your birth doula, and a one hour studio infant feeding visit with an IBCLC lactation consultant to support you however you choose to feed your baby. There are no additional fees for length of time in labor.

Women coming together with the common purpose of honoring families, women and birth are the heart of Nola Nesting.  We share a common philosophy of birth, purpose, level of professionalism and expertise and each bring our own unique abilities and interests to Nola Nesting. Together we are able to offer mothers seamless, ease of care.  

It is important to us that you not just find a doula, but that you find your doula; that your childbirth education experience is the right fit for you, that your pregnancy is celebrated and that you have all you need for your peaceful birth.

Contact us to arrange appointments with any doula or service provider you would like to speak with or meet.


The Nola Nesting Team

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