Building Your Breastfeeding Tool Box

This was written for an amazing local shop and resource for all things boobs and baby, ZukaBaby. I wish I could write a blog called 'breastfeeding made simple.' But, it's just not that simple. For some the baby latches on right away and things are smooth sailing from there to child-led weaning. But I think to paint that as the norm for modern breastfeeding is a disservice to all new and expecting moms out there who really want to breastfeed and may be blind-sided by the time and dedication it takes. Too often I hear stories of breastfeeding gone south due to lack of support or just straight up bad advice. Too often I am counseling a new mom about how to keep or increase her supply after some bad advice has caused her to have low supply.

So, this is for you - all you ladies with the gorgeous bellys. I hope it helps. (just click the links below for the full blog)


Amanda Devereux is co-owner of Nola Nesting, a doula, Childbirth Educator, and mom of three breastfed babes.