Hey New Orleans Parents! Wednesday Mornings are Yours!!!

Creating community resources and support is one of our founding goals of Nola Nesting. We're here to help you grow your village.  We're all parenting in this great city of New Orleans together, let's gather and support one another.  We've heard you and we're making it easier.

every wednesday is for you.

that's right.  every wednesday.  10am.  the pressure's off.  Don't know which meeting is happening on that particular day?  It doesn't matter.  It's yours.  Just come and be supported.  Visit with other parents.  Looking for a specific meeting?  That's fine too!  You can read all about New Orleans Moms Community here.

1st Wednesday - New Orleans Breastfeeding Community

2nd Wednesday - New Orleans Postpartum Group

3rd Wednesday - Parents of Littles

4th Wednesday - New Orleans Postpartum Group

Do you work during the day?  There's an evening meeting for you.  Every 4th Thursday at 6pm. For the New Orleans Postpartum Group.

Every Wednesday will offer either Postpartum, Breastfeeding or Parenting community.  Come one day.  Come any day.  Come all the days.

should I come when I'm pregnant?

yes!  yes! you should.  build your community now.  You'll be so grateful for it later.