The Best Holiday Mocktails for all the Pregnant Ladies! (And On-Call Doulas!)

We all know the first rule of pregnancy, NO DRINKING.  This has been practically an iron clad rule of all medical health care providers.  (I'll let you keep that occasional glass of wine to yourself, your friends in Europe and your Expecting Better book club.)  But, it's the holiday season and every pregnant lady deserves to hold a beautiful glass and sip a delicious drink.  And this is a must if you're still trying to hide that baby bump at a holiday gathering!

This week I had the joy - truly, a super fun time - talking about and tasting mocktails with Treo mixologist, Gretchen Moore.  If you haven't been yet, you can add their amazing mocktails to list (art gallery, prospect 3 exhibit, great food, beautiful patio, book club, absolutely amazing interior, talented bar tenders) of reasons to visit.  Treo is owned by the lovely Pauline and Stephen Patterson of Finn McCool's, and there is nothing less than cool about Treo.  I invited a few of my favorite baby-growing ladies to join me for a mocktail taste test.

Gretchen is an adorable young woman with dark hair, sweet bangs, a shy smile and loads of creativity.  She had endless ideas of what to mix and was excited to include some of her own concoctions including her home-made ginger simple syrup.  Gretchen is an aspiring dietician and is inspired by cooking (and mixing) without refined sugars. She totally could have fooled this sugar addicted gal.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Elixir for My Honey

Gretchen's homemade candied ginger and honey syrup, fresh lemon, and hot water

This warm cocktail served in a tall glass mug is perfect for toasting and is comforting on a cool night.  It also has the added benefit of being the perfect drink to sooth a sore throat or even a little nausea . . . . *uh, hum* ladies with secret pregnancies



December Sunrise

Homemade sage and maple simple syrup, fig preserves, fresh satsuma juice

This was one of my personal favorites.  The sage was dreamy and it's always fun to hold a martini glass.  I'm typically not a big fan of citrus drinks, but I recommend this whole heartedly and would order it again and again myself.  In fact, I kind of want one now . . . . bar's still open!


Blooming Poinsetta

Homemade beet simple syrup, fresh basil (shaken, not muddled) and sparkling water

Not only beautiful, but absolutely delicious.  In fact my not-pregnant self wanted to add some gin and call it a night! Seriously though, this was enough mocktail to make my cocktail-loving self happy.


bottom up baby

Another delicious homemade simple syrup  - this time blueberry with sparkling water and mint, shaken.  It's the mojito for all the ladies growing bottom up babies!  And it's as delicious as it is beautiful.


We all had a wonderful time, Thank You Gretchen and Treo (did you know they've hosted baby showers?!).  And many many thanks to my toasting buddies, Deb, Jessica and Barbie.  






Amanda Devereux is founder of Nola Nesting, a Doula, Birth Boot Camp Instructor, co-creator and trainer of Birth Boot Camp DOULA and mom of three breastfed babes.