How Do I Become a Doula?

So, you want to be a doula?

We totally get it! It's a good life! We get to witness that new baby, birth warrior high; then go home to some rest . . . . or truthfully, probably to our own busy kids!

We're often asked how you can become a doula, how to improve your business, or how to become a Nola Nesting Doula - so here it is!

Have you already attended a training?

Nola Nesting emphasizes the importance of being a Professional Doula. Meaning that regardless of how many clients you take on per month, you honor your work and yourself as any professional does. The business side of being a doula is often completely forgotton in doula trainings (it's thorougly covered in Birth Boot Camp DOULA) and is abbreviated at best. This means that new doulas need some support in this area, and also probably some clients to finish up those certifying births. Nola Nesting can help with these areas and more in our Mentor Program, you can read all about it here. Then, send us a message here to get the ball rolling!

Are you looking for a training? Or looking for more from your certification agency?

We are also happy to announce that Amanda Devereux is co-creator and trainer of Birth Boot Camp DOULA! By certifying with Birth Boot Camp DOULA you gain not only amazing doula skills, but all you need to launch into business, advanced business training from two successful doulas and business women, marketing training and on-going marketing support, advanced lactation training for doulas by an IBCLC and more.

You're already an awesome professional doula and would love to be a part of Nola Nesting?  

We totally don't blame you . . . it's good stuff!

Contact us here to set up an interview and start getting to know the inspirational women of Nola Nesting.

We can't think of better ways to make your dreams of being a birth doula a reality!