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Contemporary birth education for the modern family.  

Winter session begins Oct 29 - currently full

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This is a comprehensive 6 week birth course that will prepare you for any type of birth you are planning. Both you and your partner be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for labor and birth. Even if you're not sure that natural is the route for you, you will learn how to reduce your risk of interventions and cesarean birth.

This is a course with a focus on physiologically normal birth and the importance of communication and expectations. We will cover coping techniques, labor positions, breathing, and more. We feel this is best for EVERY birthing person, including those planning for an epidural. During labor, most everyone experiences some contractions and it is best to be prepared for everything.

We also cover interventions and cesarean births. Because being prepared is best. Preparation doesn't increase risk - it only makes it more likely you will have a wonderful birth experience.

The course fee is $300 and includes 12+ hours of practical, heart felt, hands-on, and fun classes. Classes are taught at our studio at 3915 Baronne St. Suite 3. We meet at 6:30pm and finish class between 8:30 and 9.

Student Journal – a beautiful journal desinged to help you think more about topics covered in class and expolore your thoughts and feelings compliments this course. Your Preparing for Birth Journal will help bring dialogue between you, your partner and your health care provider.

Breastfeeding - This course covers breastfeeding and postpartum in a way no other course does. Developed by Amanda Devereux, IBCLC, you will have the information you need to start out on the right foot with infant feeding and partner's will feel confident in supporting the breastfeeding journey.

What if I miss a class? No problem, we understand life. You have the option of catching up by listening to up to two course sessions on podcast.

We understand that sometimes schedules don't permit time for a 6 week birth class.  Fortunately, we can recommend the #1 online childbirth class, Mama Natural. 

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Need an online course?

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we recommend the #1 online childbirth course, Mama Natural.