Doula’s are the single most important people in the world. I could go on and on about how amazing Stella’s birth was for me, naturally and to have my support system, the people I chose to have in that room, I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you to everyone at Nola Nesting and thank you Ashley, you mean so much to us. Ill be calling for our next child birth, we’ll just give it a year or so. ; 0)
— Danielle Stiner, Sterling Wiggins and little Stella Jade Wiggins
I just wanted to say a few words about our Doula who assisted with the Birth of my Daughter on 12/1/14. This was our first baby and several friends highly recommended hiring a Doula. My husband agreed and we hired Grace Markey. The first time we met, we knew she would be a perfect fit. What we didn’t realize was how important she would be during my labor for both me and my husband. After my baby girl was born, my husband agreed it was the best money we had spent in preparation for my birth. Thank you Grace!
— Corinne Williams
I can’t say enough positive things about our experience working with Amanda - she is truly a phenomenal person with whom to work. My husband and I have reflected many times that we aren’t sure our birth experience would have been nearly as positive without her thoughtful insight and coaching along the way.

Meeting with her during the pregnancy was very helpful - we always concluded our meetings feeling more knowledgeable and confident. However it was her guidance (and willingness to answer questions) leading up to and during my labor that was the most valuable.
— Katie Coburn
I would definitely recommend hiring a doula. While it was great to have Emmy and her two assistants at my birth, (and I would definitely recommend Emmy as a midwife), their role was pretty limited throughout most of my laboring. The bulk of a midwife’s job is to monitor you during labor and to take care of you and the baby during delivery and in the hours afterwards. During labor, the people who were my constant attendants were my husband and Amanda (our doula). Having Amanda there was great because, while my husband was the primary person I wanted, Amanda was able to give him breaks and provide new ideas for ways that he could help me and positions that I could try. We had developed a relationship with Amanda in the months before the birth of our daughter, and it was really good to have her there to support me because she was a familiar person. Emmy comes to her prenatal visits with different assistants, so you might not feel like you have as much of a relationship with them as you do with Emmy or your doula. I felt like that familiarity made a difference. I knew Amanda was knowledgeable and I trusted her a lot. She remained calm throughout the birth, so every time I looked at her, or when she encouraged me, I felt reassured.
A few days after our daughter was born, I had a meltdown because breast feeding has been hard and I really hurt. I texted back and forth with Amanda, and even though it was like 11:30 at night, she came over to my house to help me and to talk me off the ledge. That pretty much sums up why everyone should have a doula. A midwife takes care of you physically. Emmy is really good about listening to your problems, too. But listening to problems and making you feel supported emotionally is what doulas do. In the time before you go into labor, a doula will help you get all of the information you need to feel confident in delivering and raising a baby. During the birth, when you’re doing all the of the work and all that the midwife can pretty much do is wait, your doula is there to give you the encouragement and practical suggestions you need to do the work of laboring and to help you try different methods to speed things up. After the birth, Emmy is available for all of your medical questions, but when you need a knowledgeable, supportive person to listen to you when things are overwhelming, that’s what a doula is there for.
— KrisTina Wine
As soon as we found out we were expecting our second child, I started my search for a doula. After online research and talking to other moms, it was clear that Nola Nesting was a leader in the New Orleans area. After a difficult c-section recovery in 2011, my husband and I both desired to VBAC and thought having a “coach” to assist through the labor process was a smart move. Amanda offered so much more! We met with Amanda on three different occasions throughout my pregnancy to discuss not only planning for the big day, but whatever other questions or concerns we had surrounding the pregnancy/birth/postpartum period. During our meets, she also reviewed laboring positions and relaxation techniques.

The night I went into labor, Amanda came to our home; I was comforted knowing that Amanda with her wealth of knowledge and experience was here guiding us. We chose to stay at home as long as possible, working though the contractions. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was already at 5 centimeters! As I labored, I remember encouraging words, relief through pressure points, the smells of essential oils that eased my nausea and calmed my nerves. Slowly but surely I made it to a complete 10 cm and 2 hours later gave birth to a sweet baby girl. It was all a dream come true. I credit Amanda with helping to create and support a calm and confident experience for our family.
— Anne Layburn, mom to Juliet and Eva Rose
I want to thank you again for everything. You helped Jimmy and I to
feel so incredibly prepared for our birth. I cannot imagine going
through labor or the natural birth without your class. It made the
process less scary for me and it was immensely helpful for Jimmy. I
think I told you but he really was not supportive of my desire to go
natural until we took the class but I thought he was great in the
class and very present and he was AMAZING during the entire birth. I
could not have done it without him. Thank you so much!!!! I would
recommend you to all first time expectant moms!!!!
— Ann Theriot
Amanda Devereux was my doula for my first child’s birth and was incredibly knowledgable and full of grace. My husband and I met with her for weeks before the birth and felt comforted by her abilities at every turn. Nothing compares to the one on one attention that she provided. Throughout labor her help with thinking things through as they were presented to us was invaluable! We can’t say enough about the incredibly positive effect she had on our sons birth.
— Sidonie Villere
I remember the first time I got in the aqua doula. I cried. It was such a relief of pressure and discomfort.
— Nikki Fendley
Grace is doing well. She is now 15 weeks old. We are still swaddling her arms during nap and bed resulting in great results. My mom took care of my 3yr old son when I went back to work and now her. She cannot believe the difference swaddling makes.
— Jennifer Dewey
I had a phenomenal labor experience due in part to my doula, Kimberly. Being Kimberly’s first coached labor, I witnessed a true testament of her zeal and knowledge for helping mothers to have an enjoyable and memorable experience of bringing their children into the world.

What I appreciated most was Kimberly’s relaxed state. I believe this is a result of having tried and tested the Bradley’s method herself, and in turn, developing a confidence in its effectiveness. Her calm demeanor in the delivery room was a sign of self-assuredness in her coaching ability. Although I was not nervous, it was a definite plus to know that I was in good, confident hands.

Kimberly definitely partnered well with me and my husband, which was a major plus. He is not too keen on sharing moments, but her balance of being up close and in the foreground was spot on! She knew when to interject, when to suggest things to him, when to suggest things to us, and when to talk solely to me. These things are truly innate and go beyond a textbook.

Kimberly related to me as a woman on the brink of motherhood. She was professional and personal in a manner that reflected the purpose at hand. I say with all certainty that she is not only trained but gifted with the instinctive ability to be in tune with the needs of women in labor.

The knowledge and genuine care for me during labor afforded me verbal communication of exactly what was happening or about to take place with my body and immediate suggestions of how to physically respond. She also physically assisted and modeled coaching positions to remind me and my husband of how to do what we had been taught.

Although having a natural birth, it is still important to show regard for the staff while ensuring the respect of the mother’s wishes. Kimberly diplomatically balanced both and ensured that all parts of my birth plan were respected and met, with respect to the possibility of something causing a true need for medical intervention. My doctor and nurses had the utmost respect for Kimberly and even spoke briefly with her for opinions about the Bradley’s method, her coaching, and her opinion of how they, the “medical world”, handled what is natural.

Kimberly’s passion, knowledge, instinct, and availability during pregnancy, labor, and official motherhood totally rock! She truly has a heart for what she does and for whom she is doing it.
— Carrie, a grateful and pleased mother
My last pregnancy ended with a C-section and a difficult postpartum period. When I became pregnant with my second daughter, I wanted things to go differently. Without the guidance and support of our birth doula, Erin, I am certain my labor would have resulted in a repeat C-section. Instead, my birth experience was far better than I could have ever imagined. With Erin’s help, I had a successful VBAC and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl. After we returned home, our postpartum doula, Amanda, and Erin restored some sanity to our chaotic household. They made sure we weren’t being overtaken by our dirty dishes and laundry and allowed us a chance to nap, shower and eat - things you take for granted before having a baby! The whole experience - from birth to postpartum - was like a dream. We are so grateful to the Nola Nesting ladies.
— Autumn Giusti, mom to Zoe and Lila
I had a vision of how I wanted to approach the birth of my second child, and Amanda was there every step of the way, informing, educating, encouraging, supporting and advocating. One doesn’t know how much they are missing until they hire a doula, and then they are shocked they ever tried it any other way, no matter the details of their birth plan.

Amanda was more than a doula, she was a masseuse, kind shoulder, dogged motivator-when need be-and a great comfort. Her professional credentials and intimate knowledge of the birthing experience allow her to guide a mother-to-be in a way that can’t be had from medical staff. She is there to let you do what she knows you can do, yet keep you abreast of any medical information necessary to make informed decisions. I just can’t recommend her enough!
— Amy Perkins
For my first birth I expected to have the natural, drug free, birth that I planned. The c-section after my stalled induction took me completely by surprise. Planning a VBAC for my second birth was very scary because I didn’t know anyone that had a successful VBAC and I was terrified of being disappointed a second time. Kisha was a constant support to me through out my pregnancy, reminding me that I could have a VBAC because that is what my body was designed to do and she stayed positive for me when I was overwhelmed by anxiety. During my labor and she supported me every way possible...helping me into different positions, massaging my back, talking me through contractions, and reassuring my husband. Kisha’s ability to handle overbearing family members in my L&D room was impressive! Kisha’s presence made my birth experience calming and positive for both myself and my husband and we would be happy to have Kisha as part of any future pregnancy/birth experiences!
— Kimberly Fos Sanborn
Whenever I talk to a young, expectant mother I always encourage her to look into using a tub for labor and/or delivery. As a mom of 5 (all born naturally!) I can’t say enough about the use of water to relax and allow the birth process to progress. I have used both the Aqua Doula portable tub as well as the beautiful built in tub available at a local hospital and, I must say, the Aqua Doula far surpasses the small, built in tub. While the built in tub offers some advantages - it’s already “set up”, and it has a gently sloping back that is comfortable to recline against - it was just too small for me to comfortably move around during labor. The Aqua Doula offers much more room, as well as more depth, both of which contribute to greater comfort and ease during labor and delivery. I highly recommend the Aqua Doula tub to all moms considering the use of a birth tub!
— Ashley Chin, mother of 5
Jessica was my doula for my second VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), and I can’t recommend her enough. My first VBAC had been long and difficult, and I knew I needed experienced support this time around. Jessica was there for me every step of the way, from addressing my concerns for the upcoming labor, all the way through processing my birth with me and pointing me in the right direction for help with some breastfeeding difficulties some time afterwards. During the birth, she was attentive and encouraging, making sure my needs were met and helping me with positioning to turn my posterior baby. She worked well with my husband and I and with the medical staff, which paved the way for an easy hospital experience. I am so grateful to her for the calm presence, compassion, knowledge, and experience she brought to our baby’s wonderful birth.
— Margaret Cullen
I highly recommend Grace as a Doula. My experience delivering Koa was aL ONG and an AMAZING experience. Grace was such a positive attribute. I was able to do an all-natural water birth with the support she offered. Koa was a little stubborn on making his grand entrance into the world. He was two weeks late so I reluctantly was scheduled to be induced. I was worried that I would not be able to follow the birthing plan that I wanted. However, after two long rounds of cervadil I was able to continue the labor on my own without the help of any other drugs. I entered the hospital at midnight on a Friday and Koa arrived Sunday at 7:12 AM. Grace had met us at the hospital early Saturday morning. Things got off to a slow start but she was very comforting every minute. She did foot and hand massages, walked the hospital halls countless times. When labor really started to get intense I was all over the place. I was in the hospital bed, on a birthing ball, in the shower and laboring in the tub. Grace was so knowledgeable on different positions and different ways to help me stay as comfortable as possible. She also was great at encouraging my significant other on ways to help get me through the intense contractions. I don’t know if I would have been able to manage without her. She was with us for over 24 hours and she never missed a beat. My words can’t begin to describe the gratitude and thanks I feel she deserves. She is a wonderful doula who is very passionate in her role.
— Liz Sabatini