Kayla Judy, LMT, Birth and postpartum doula

Kayla has been a massage therapist since 2008, specializing in prenatal, birth, postpartum and infant massage.  She has taken courses in Visceral Manipulation of the reproductive organs, bladder and kidneys, as well as specific training on the anatomy and health of the bones and muscles of the pelvis.  She uses this knowledge, as well as her knowledge of essential oils to help a mom's recovery from birth to be as quick and smooth as possible.

She completed her doula training in 2014 while pregnant with her second child. Kayla has long had a passion for healing and serving others. When she began her work as a doula, she found fulfillment offering empathic and loving support to families on the beautiful journey of bringing their child into the world and finding new balance with their growing family.

Kayla is a BEST Certified Educator. She loves helping women to trust their natural birthing instincts and bring their babies into the world gently and calmly.