Super Sibling

A class for the new big kid

Becoming a big brother or sister is a life changing event.  This one hour class introduces children ages two to six to being an older sibling.  It's a time to learn about what to expect and celebrate the child's new role.  Topics include: the size and sounds of a newborn, how mom and dad take care of the baby, and how to touch and hold a baby.  

COST: $50 

Classes taught by request.

Sibling Doula

Sibling Doulas spend time getting to know the children of the family during prenatal visits focused on the sibling(s).  When you are in labor the Sibling Doula is there to care for the child and help him participate in the birth of the new sibling as is appropriate for the child and family.  This can mean making a gift for the new baby, preparing and celebrating at home while mom labors in teh hospital, or being with mom and offering her support in a way only a child can.

Sibling Doula services include one home visit to discuss details of caring for your child, a 3-hour "Date Night" to spend extended time preparing your child for the birth of their sibling while mom and dad enjoy some free time before the new baby arrives and one postpartum visit to deliver any projects from the day along with a time-line of the day's events from your child's perspective.

Sibling doula services provide continuous child-care during your labor and birth. On-call availability begins two weeks before your due date, and up to three hours after delivery.

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