Nola Nesting Mothering Lounge and Breastfeeding Center

Every mother needs community.  


We are proud to open this space for our clients and our community.  Tucked inside of a local gem - our favorite local shop for all things mama and baby, ZukaBaby in Metairie, we have created a space to support the mothers and families in our community.  Join us for free breastfeeding and postpartum meetings, childbirth classes, community events, yoga, lactation support, sibling classes, doula events and more.

We would love to join you in the lounge for New Orleans Doula appointments.  Contact us and share when it's a good time for you.  We'll poor you a cup of tea, chat and celebrate your pregnancy and birth!

If you're shopping in ZukaBaby, work in the surrounding area or are a nursing mom who just happens to be nearby, the Nola Nesting Mothering Lounge and Breastfeeding Center is open to you to nurse your baby or pump.  Please feel welcomed and make yourself at home.