Inka Rudnycka, Postpartum and Sibling Doula


Inka Rudnycka is a recent transplant to New Orleans from the Northeast, and she is enjoying the city tremendously. Prior to moving south, Inka was a postpartum doula with Bell Family Companies in New York City. As part of her duties at BFC, she was a member of a team that gave presentations to new caregivers who were interested in working with families that were welcoming new babies. Inka’s specialty in this position was breastfeeding and bottle-feeding education. Previously, Inka worked as a postpartum doula with MotherCare Services in the Boston, MA, area. Her work has taken her as far as California and London, Ontario, Canada. Inka has training both as a postpartum and as a birth doula, and the integration of pre- and postpartum issues is an important focus of her work. Inka also has extensive experience as a music teacher. Her favorite age group are the very youngest children, and she has taught classes with babies as young as four months. She believes that music can have profound effects on newborns, and she enjoys singing to the infants in her care. Inka experiences a home with a newborn as having a very unique, special atmosphere. She is always honored and humbled to be invited to work in such an environment. She passionately believes that new mothers need sensitive nurturing in the early postpartum period and is proud to be a provider of this type of support.